Melinda Wood Allen
Melinda Wood Allen

Choral Director/Clinician


Melinda Wood AllenWorkshops:

Melinda gives workshops on how to build and grow choirs at national conferences and coaches choirs in churches and schools all across the US, preparing them for competitions or just to perform better for their respective audiences.

Choral Clinics:

Melinda will come in for a ½-day, a full day or a weekend retreat and work with your choir and director. She will teach your choir to sing more effectively, with better pitch, range and blend, while making a fun and safe atmosphere for choir members and director to bond, communicate effectively and create a more efficient rehearsal environment.

Melinda has over 20 years experience in choral directing. She built a choir from 8 members to over 70 in just a few short years, and has direct experience of the challenges and growing pains of all sizes in-between. Since 1995 she has produced 2 choral concerts a year which are regularly attended by 800 or more people. In addition, her all-volunteer choir was invited and performed at Carnegie Hall in 2007.

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