October 2022

October 2, 2022


We’ve all been hurt; all have “reasons” for why we act the way we do.  As we unconsciously act from that hurt, we spread pain.  When we face what is within us with love, we forgive ourselves and others. The oain stops here.   

-MW Allen

October 19, 2022


It takes courage to stand in love in the face of uncertainty, fear, ignorance, or attack; and yet it is the only way forward. To continue to give back tit for tat, fear for fear, blow for blow, hurtful word for hurtful word, is to guarantee that nothing will change for the better. To give back-, stand in-, and stand for- love…is to aid the evolution of all.

~MW Allen

October 25, 2022


Judgments of others and of myself are not separate or different. When I hold myself to impossible standards, nothing and no one is ever “good enough.” This kills my joy and makes me less than kind.
~MW Allen
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