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Workshops and Retreats.  Rev. Melinda has more than 25 years experience in creating and facilitating workshops and retreats of all kinds.

Music Department Retreats: Melinda’s music retreats creatively and beautifully mesh fun with learning, using team-building and joy-building exercises to help bring your music team, choir, or entire department into a cohesive, supportive whole, while also providing fulfillment, encouragement and revitalization for each individual on the team.

Women’s Retreats:  It is Rev Melinda’s joy to provide a loving “time-out” for women.  Combining music, fun and laughter, creative and artistic experiences, spiritual discussion, group activities and quiet, reflective personal time, her retreats support self-care and spiritual growth and renewal  for women of all ages and stages of life.

Others:  Melinda can design a retreat specific to the needs of your community.

Concerts Whether it’s a church, women’s group, recovery organization, staff concert for Hospice, care-givers, the elderly or the young, Melinda can tailor her performance to the tastes and needs of your community She performs as a solo artist with guitar, with piano accompaniment or band, and/or together with other artists:

(Photos)  DIVAS –Divinely Inspired Vivacious Artists, solo, with lead guitar, with Chris, Gigi, etc.

Her One Woman Show: (Photos, video clip)

Melinda Wood Allen: NOT an IngenueUses humor, original songs and parodies, plus selections from popular (and obscure) musical theater to illustrate one woman’s journey to self-acceptance.

Performances:  8-wk run at Stage West, 4 wk run at Theatre Arlington, chosen for Out of the Loop Theatre Festival–4 performances. Additional performances at Arts 5th Ave, various private showings for parties, women’s groups, etc.

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